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Circular by Design

Our bottle and lid is made from 100% post-consumer, food grade recycled material 

80% of the total weight of the Honest Bottle is made from recycled material – and we are working on making it 100%

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Why the Honest Bottle?

Our growing awareness of the planets finite natural resources dictates that we must rapidly move away from our current make-take-dispose culture and achieve a more circular lifestyle that retains the value of resources for as long as possible.

And in a world where it is all too easy to simply add the word ‘sustainable’ to your business to create the required illusion, we knew we had to do better.

So, we tirelessly considered every decision in our design and manufacturing process to maximise circularity, whilst retaining some much-needed honesty at the heart of our approach – to ourselves, to our product and to our customers.


Manufactured - Worcestershire, UK
Total Weight - 38 grams
Weight of Recycled Material - 38 grams (100%)
Material - 100% Recycled PET (rPET)(1)
Source - Post Consumer (used single use bottles)

(1) The use of 100% rPET to manufacture the bottle creates a unique shaded appearance, whilst its relative softness can sometimes result in marking during a high speed manufacturing processes that has historically been designed for virgin plastic. Other brands have readily dismissed this perceived ‘imperfection’, however we think it’s these imperfections that support our true credibility and honest approach.


Manufactured - West Sussex, UK
Total Weight - 13.43 grams
Weight of Recycled Material - 11.71 grams (87%)
Material - 100% Recycled HDPE (rHDPE)
Source -
Post Consumer (used single use bottles)
Seal - Virgin Silicone (2)

(2) The only component currently sourced outside of the UK is the silicone seal in the lid that ensures the bottle does not leak. However, we are already in conversation with local manufacturers to ensure that the next batch of seals are made in the UK.


Manufactured - West Sussex, UK
Total Weight -10.35 grams
Inner Strap Material - Polycarbonate
Outer Strap Material - Virgin TPU (3)

(3) Processes are now being commercialised to enable the incorporation of post-consumer material into the production of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which we will incorporate into our straps as soon as possible – as well as hopefully turning returned straps back into new straps.

We Designed for REUSE

With, in excess of 2.5 billion litres of bottled water consumed in the UK each year(1), an average of over 40 litres per person, we knew the critical role that reuse had to play in reducing this colossal footprint.

And understanding the further negative impact caused when importing the most popular bottled water(2) from overseas and most reusable bottle brands from China into the UK, it was essential that we manufactured our product locally.

(1) & (2) Source: Statista - Bottled water: Consumption volume in the United Kingdom 2013-2020


With the ability to source post-consumer recycled material locally, we knew we had to incorporate as much as possible into our product to move away from our dependency on virgin materials.

And in helping to stimulate the market for locally sourced recycled material, we will also be supporting investment in local recycling infrastructure and jobs that will help us better retain the value of resources closer to home.

We Designed for RECYCLING

After so many years of claims made by brands that products were recyclable – well if you could find a facility that would actually recycle it…, we knew we had to act much more responsibly. And although fundamentally intended for reuse, our product also had to be recycled at end of life.

The bottle and lid will be recycled in household collections, whilst we take responsibility for the strap by paying to get it back, ensuring that it is then sent to an appropriate recycling facility.

We Designed for CIRCULARITY

Designing products is far easier than designing systems, which is why we had to do more than just sell a reusable bottle to claim we were making a real difference.

We quickly established that the lack of available infrastructure to refill bottles, particularly when ‘on-the-go’, was key to increasing reuse, so we started the honest project – our initiative to increase accessibility to publicly available drinking water.

Not in the UK but would like the Honest Bottle made locally to you?


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