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Our initiative to increase accessibility to publicly available drinking water in every country we operate

Tackling the source of the issue by:
• Enabling reuse
• Reducing dependency on single-use
• Reducing land-based litter
• Reducing ocean bound litter
• Developing local solutions

Refill in the UK

There are currently only 2,000 public water fountains listed on the City to Sea Refill App serving a population of almost 67 million – that’s one for every 33,500 people!

And whilst there may be concerns to address as to quality and hygiene of public water fountains, there are undoubtedly also challenges to overcome with the further 28,000 managed locations where people are required to ask for a water refill.

“ Research commissioned by Refill in 2018 found that one in three adults in the UK (34%) felt uncomfortable asking for a reusable bottle to be filled at a restaurant or café when they hadn’t bought anything. One in five (19%) still felt uncomfortable asking even when they had made a purchase."

Our Aim

The Honest Project is our initiative to increase accessibility to publicly available drinking water. In achieving this goal, we aim not only to tackle the root cause of our dependency on single use water bottles, but to also address the human behaviour that results in land and ocean bound litter.

In support of our objectives, we will dedicate our time and resources to:

  1. Install publicly available water fountains
  2. Campaign for the widespread installation of publicly available water fountains
  3. Highlight the quality and cleanliness of publicly available water
  4. Reduce barriers to requesting free water in managed premises


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