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Our Solution

Every consideration has been made to ensure the Honest Bottle meets our stated sustainability criteria

  • UK designed and manufactured


  • Incorporates X% recycled material by weight (and we are still working on the rest!)


  • Intended for reuse and designed for recycling everything except the strap can be recycled in your domestic kerbside collection, but we’ll pay to take that back
  • Supported by The H2Onest Project, our initiative to increase accessibility to publicly available drinking water in every country we operate

The Honest Bottle is made out of

77% Recycled Content


Total weight : 57.81grams

Recycled weight : 44.54 Grams


Total Weight - 38 grams

Recycled Weight - 38 grams

Material - 100% Recycled (rPET)(1)

Source - Post Consumer - Used single use bottles

Manufactured - Worcestershire


Total Weight - 11.86 grams

Recycled Weight - 5.16 grams

Outer lid Material - 100% Recycled HDPE (rHDPE)

Inner Lid Material - Virgin HDPE(2)

Manufactured - West Sussex

Seal - Silicone(3)


Total Weight - 7.95 grams

Recycled Weight - 1.38 grams

Outer Strap - Virgin TPU(4)

Inner Strap - 100% Recycled HDPE (rHDPE)

Manufactured - West Sussex

(1) The use of 100% rPET to manufacture the bottle creates a unique shaded appearance to each bottle, which other brands have readily dismissed as an ‘imperfection’. We love this perceived imperfection as it gives real credibility and honesty to our approach

(2) Food grade recycled material must be used for any component in contact with food or beverages. Whilst we are initially using virgin material to meet these requirements, our immediate focus following launch will be to source a compatible food grade alternative so that the lid can comprise 100% recycled material

(3) The only part currently sourced outside of the UK is the silicone seal in the lid that ensures the bottle does not leak. However, we are already in conversation with local manufacturers to ensure that the next batch of seals are made in the UK

(4) Processes are now being commercialised to enable the incorporation of post-consumer material into the production of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which we will incorporate into our straps as soon as possible – as well as looking at options to turn the used straps we receive back via our return service into new straps


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