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News: Honest Bottle - Fit For a King!

We celebrate King Charles III Coronation with a Limited Edition Honest Bottle!

The Honest Bottle is the ONLY reusable bottle, designed and manufactured locally in the UK from locally sourced recycled single-use bottles and is 100% recyclable. To deliver a completely circular product, the Honest Bottle has been designed so that it can be easily recycled via household collections, once it reaches its end of life, to be made back into new bottles, again and again!

The Limited Edition bottle is available in Honest’s 'Kensington Blue' stock colour and features the official coronation emblem on the strap for one of a kind, British made, truly sustainable memorabilia. The bottle is packaged in premium, UK made recyclable packaging that features imagery on the inner box of the London Borough of Kensington for a memorable unboxing experience.

Although the number of reusable bottles has grown rapidly in recent years, not all products can be described as truly environmentally friendly nor locally made. The Honest Bottle, on the other hand, is the only reusable bottle that has been designed and made in Britain, from UK-sourced post-consumer recycled single-use bottles (rPET & rHDPE plastic) and which can be easily recycled in a closed loop system.

Having spent the last 10 years pioneering the design and implementation of systems to collect, recycle and repurpose food and beverage packaging, the Honest team became increasingly frustrated with the ever-increasing rate of ‘greenwashing’ in the marketplace. Our response was to create a brand and product with an unrivalled level of transparency and honesty in order to set a new and much needed benchmark.

“Nearly every product or brand is now making a claim on sustainability, meaning that both buyers and customers face significant challenges in navigating through the greenwash. We therefore hope our truly transparent and ‘honest’ approach not only underpins the credentials of our own product, but highlights some of the fundamental questions that should be asked when sourcing a ‘sustainable’ product” – Georgia Bell, Sales and Marketing Manager of co-cre8 and Honest.

Wanting to do more to tackle the root cause of the issue surrounding single-use culture, Honest launched their own purposeful initiative, Honest Project, to increase the accessibility of publicly available drinking water in every country they operate. Honest will dedicate time and resource to install publicly available water refill points, using proceeds from the Honest Bottle sales.

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King Charles Coronation Water Bottle

King Charles Coronation Water Bottle

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