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Blog: Unwrapping Excellence: 6 Reasons Why the Honest Bottle is the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

As the festive season fast approaches, ensure you make a lasting impression when corporate gifting with the Honest Bottle – a truly unique, sustainable, and proudly British creation. Here are six reasons why the Honest Bottle is the ideal corporate gift for spreading holiday cheer in the business world.


1. Unveiling a Unique Sustainable Story:

The Honest Bottle is not just a reusable bottle; it's a symbol of sustainability with a story to tell. Designed and made in the UK, the Honest Bottle is made from UK sourced recycled single-use plastic bottles and is easily recyclable at the end of its life.


2. Supporting Quality UK Manufacturing:

When you choose the Honest Bottle, you're opting for quality crafted on British soil and supporting the local economy. The attention to detail and the use of locally sourced recycled materials make the Honest Bottle a proud representation of British design.


3. Co-Branding Opportunities:

Elevate your corporate gifts by adding your own customisation to the Honest Bottle. Honest offers branding options including custom print, so that you can showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability while gifting an exciting, ‘one of a kind’ product. Explore the possibilities of Honest Bottle branded customisation here.


4. Quick Turnaround Time for Custom Orders:

Deadlines really do matter and Honest can offer quick turnaround time for printed custom orders. This ensures that your personalised gifts are ready in time for the festive season, allowing you to present thoughtful and branded gifts without compromising on quality or efficiency.


5. A Truly Reusable Product:

Sustainability meets practicality with the Honest Bottle. Its durable design and reusable nature make it a gift that keeps on giving. By encouraging the use of a reusable bottle, you contribute to the reduction of single-use plastic, aligning your corporate gift with the global movement towards a more sustainable future.


6. Gift with Purpose:

The Honest Bottle is more than just a gift; it's an opportunity to make a statement. By choosing a sustainable, British-made product for your corporate gifting needs, you align your company with values that resonate in today's socially conscious world. It's a meaningful way to show appreciation and goodwill to clients, partners, and employees.

This Christmas, go beyond the expected and choose a corporate gift that stands out for all the right reasons. The Honest Bottle, with its unique sustainable story, British design, co-branding opportunities, quick turnaround time and reusable nature, is the perfect choice for a memorable and impactful festive season. Visit the 'Business' page on or contact to discover the possibilities and unwrap the excellence of corporate gifting with the Honest Bottle.


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